The Shawl Cardi
The Shawl Cardi
The Shawl Cardi
The Shawl Cardi

The Shawl Cardi

Sticking with MONK’S philosophy of turning classics into modern chic, this Shawl-Cardigan is more Steve McQueen than college history professor (sorry Professor Silberstein). With its mixture of textures, handcrafted details, and thick marled stitch, our 100% Cashmere Shawl-Cardigan will elevate any outfit to the perfect stand-out look.

$ 710.00

Design Details

  • - 100% Cashmere | Handmade in Nepal
  • - 5 gg | 4ply | Half-cardigan stitch
  • - Straight fit buttoned | Loose-fit unbuttoned

Style Guide

  • - Dress up with a white dress-shirt, tailored dark pants, dress shoes and a MONK Diamond Weave Scarf
  • - Dress to-style with an Oxford button-down shirt, dark-fitted jeans, loafers and a MONK Diamond Weave Scarf
  • - Dress down with a cotton undershirt, relaxed jeans, high-top leather sneakers and wear with buttons open

Meet your artisans

Originally destined to be a farmer in his home-town of Bhaktapur, Rajesh never expected to become a button craftsman growing up. While Rajesh’s father urged him to take up the family farm it was his mother who saw the artistic skill he possesses. Rajesh’s light-touch and attention to detail gives MONK’s buttons and hooks their smooth, rounded finish and precise engravings. Rajesh jokes that his mother’s advice has shifted from his career to his home and that she is scouting Kathmandu to find him a bride. For now, Rajesh is happy to let his loyalties lie not with an individual but a team, specifically Manchester United. One day he hopes to watch his childhood favorites play a game live in Nepal.